By: Jerry Efremides

My father emigrated to the United States in 1955 with the goal of making enough money to return overseas and finish law school. Months turned to years though and eventually his dream of getting a law degree faded away. He worked hard in the restaurant business for nearly a decade; a far cry from his professional dreams and aspirations. One day, a frequent patron passionate about the markets convinced my father to take classes at the New York Institute of Finance, and apply for jobs at the major investment banks. It wasn’t long before he was hired…

EDA on Venture Capital Data from Crunchbase (Part I)

This is the first part of a series of posts meant to illustrate the process of EDA in Python through the use of a Jupyter notebook.

EDA, or exploratory data analysis is “an approach to analyzing datasets to summarize their main characteristics..” according to Wikipedia.

Investing in private companies on the cutting edge of technology can be very exciting. For better or for worse, however, the general public is mostly not privy to investing in the private markets and must wait for companies to list publicly before investing. …

Forensic Architecture’s use of computer vision & machine learning sheds light on human rights violations and expands the conversation on ethical philanthropy

Building convolutional neural networks (cnn) to classify images on a Jupyter Notebook was beyond the scope of what I expected to learn at General Assembly’s data science immersive these past couple of months. As we finished the fascinating lessons for the week, I recounted a disturbing art installation I saw at New York’s Whitney Museum Biennial exhibition last year, when I had never heard of the terms computer vision or convolutional neural networks.

Following the George Floyd protests…

Some of the brilliant minds that built indispensable data science tools on Guido van Rossum’s Python programming language.

Collecting demographic and economic data predates even the Han Dynasty and Roman Empire, and the use of statistical methods stretches as far back as ancient Greece. An Arab mathematician named Al-Khalil (b.718 CE) penned amongst the earliest works in the study of statistics: the Manuscript to Deciphering Cryptographic Messages. Later, an impetus to better understand games of chance led to the increased study of probability theory and expanded the scope of statistics.

In the 19th century, as the volume and variety of…

GA’s Data Science Immersive touches on many of the technologies fueling the burgeoning data-tech capital raising environment.

Investment dollars are pouring into data technology companies that deploy solutions to modernize outdated tech architectures. As a fellow in General Assembly’s Data Science Immersive, I’ve learned about some of the underlying technologies driving the data-tech boom.

Instructors in my class touch on a wide variety of topics (Lead Instructor Jeff Hale’s Medium Blog for a taste) and today we delved into some areas of database management that prompted me to write this post.

Multinational, multi-departmental enterprises with outdated tech architectures need solutions…

Jerry Efremides

Emerging Tech Investment Banking Associate at Weild & Co. General Assembly Data Science Immersive alumn.

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